Games as a solution to help our Planet

Play and help the environment at the same time

Play and Save the Planet

We develop mobile games to represent a free, fun and innovative way to to help address the climate crisis.
At the moment we're focusing on our dream of planting 1 million trees in the next two years, but we're working also on the plastic pollution problem.

How can we do that?

To do that, we decided to donate part of our profits toward solutions for environmental issues. Making the world a better place for our sons in a fun and free way has always been the motivation behind Green Games.

Ethical and Sustainable Business

Green Games as a company is applying for the BCorporation certification assestment, in order to certificate our positive social impact.
We strongly believe in a future where business will have a positive impact on communities and societies, and we want to play a role in this transaction.

Reforestation Achievements

Trees Planted

Our way of helping during Covid-19 crisis

As you probably knew Green Games’ main focus is developing mobile games to help our environment. But we have realised that we had to do something to help in this war against the Covid-19 virus. For this reason we decided to develop “Everything will be fine”. The two purposes of this game are to help people relax and  give them an easy way to donate to different organisations, hospitals and other entities around the world.

Help Escape!

The purpose of “Help Escape” is giving to our users the possibily to plant trees just by playing a game. Play and plant now!

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