Covid Game

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◉ Easy access to a list of organisation’s sites from all around the world that are on the frontline of this war.
◉ Brain teaser type of gameplay that could help take your mind off things during lockdown.
◉ Destroy all blocks that sorround the virus in order to kill it!
◉ The game is set in the space, your weapons are asteroids!

The aim of the game

We decided to develop “EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE” because we wanted to mentally support people during quarantine and to encourage them to donate. clicking the second one users have access to a series of links redirecting them to the sites of entities that are trying to address this crisis. There will be no intermediary between the user and which entity he has decided to donate to.

We are living an unprecedented crisis

We are living one of toughest periods since the end of world war II, the Covid-19 outbreak. People are dying, there is a total disruption of a consolidated system of trade and all healthcare systems around the world are under enormous pressure. Basicaly the life of millions of us has dramatically changed for the worse.

More then ever before the world needs solutions to overcome and adapt to this terrible situation. Thankfully there are incredible people that are answering this call and are trying to come up with ideas to help our society.

Our way of helping our society

As you probably knew Green Games’ main focus is developing mobile games to help our environment. But we have realised that we had to do something to help in this war against the virus. For this reason we decided to develop “Everything will be fine”. The purpose of this game is to help people relax and at the same time give them an easy way to donate to different organisations, hospitals and other entities around the world.

Below there is the list of organisations’ sites that we put together