Make your brand stand out and have a positive impact on our planet

We have the skills to develop your brand’s environmental video game, a unique way to promote your brand while donating towards helping our planet in different ways.

What we offer to companies
Mobile game app
on App Store and Google Play (but we can make a web game too) tailored according to the brand’s requests that include educational, branded, and commercial purposes contents. Part of the agreed fee is donated to grow the company forest through the user’s playtime and we can also create a game monetization flow that allows users to plant even more trees.

How the collaboration process works

  • First contact with the company to understand its values and needs
  • Detailed brand analysis
  • Choice of graphics and game mechanics
  • Game development, coding and creating art
  • Test, changes, and improvements
  • Product delivery and publishing on the market
  • Product marketing (if requested)

Why making a mobile game for your company?
This is a unique way to promote your brand in an innovative and sustainable way. Your brand can have a lot of benefits from it:

  • Green Games allows users not only to play and get to know the brand but also to plant trees through the game itself
  • Increase your brand exposure on mobile devices where there are more than 2 billion users every day
  • More effective, engaging and interactive communication, showing the company’s innovative spirit
  • Low production costs, sustainability tool, and a vehicle to offer new products or discounts

We love to collaborate with other companies.
Thanks to that, we can help the environment even more, create new business opportunities for your brand, and promote it in a unique way.

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