Play and plant trees



We make games for a better future

Do you know that, according to a UN report, we only have 12 years left before climate change becomes irreversible? We have to start doing something right away. This is why we created Help Escape and Jump Tree, the games that help our planet just by having fun!

By playing them, you will contribute to planting trees, thanks to the rewarded ads and the in-app purchases, in areas that are experiencing severe deforestation crises such as Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia, and Mozambique. Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to tackle climate change, preserve the habitat of millions of animal species, and creating thousands of jobs in developing countries.

We want to give value to the time spent playing on our mobile devices

Green Games’ first project, Help Escape, has been developed with the purpose of planting trees. They are able to absorb large quantities of CO2 and other toxins that pollute the air, thus contributing strongly to the contrast of global warming. Furthermore, trees are fundamental to protect biodiversity and territories from deforestation and desertification.

Rather than that, Green Games is developing another title which is called Leafy. The game’s goal will be the same as Help Escape’s, planting trees. But there are also other exciting ideas on the table. One of these ideas is developing a mobile game that talks about plastic pollution and its effects on our oceans and then donate part of the revenues made to NGO’s that are currently trying to tackle this enormous threat to wildlife.