What we want to achieve and why.

Everything started in the middle of 2019, thanks to the two Co-founders Davide Cifarelli, student of Computer Engineering, and Alessandro Puppo, student of business administration. After reading the joint declaration of 16 heads of state during the UN conference on climate change they realized that they had to do something in order to have a positive impact on the environment and the community.

For this reason, they started a long and challenging ideation process, they came up with a series of ideas and solutions, but they weren’t satisfied. Thereafter, they realized that mobile games could be the best way to spread messages and interact with people due to their huge popularity. Finally, Green Games was born and its goal was set: providing users an easy, fun and free way to tackle climate change.

Climate change is already affecting millions of people and in the future, these numbers will rise. Our mission is to drive sustainability throughout the mobile games market. Today most mobile games companies have only one purpose, creating a great gaming experience. What we want to give to our users is a mix of that and a positive impact on our planet, just by playing our games.

The next months will be crucial for the future of our planet, as it was said during the UN conference on climate change: “Climate change is the key challenge of our time. Our generation is the first to experience the rapid rise in temperatures worldwide and probably the last that can actually address this impending crisis.”

At Green Games, we feel this burden on us. This is what is prompting us to go on with this project, we do believe that our current efforts will pay off in the future and that our business will contribute greatly to the fight against the devastating effects of climate change.

What we have achieved so far

At Green Games, we want to grow our business in order to have the biggest impact possible on our society. To do so, we decided to take part in different competitions and acceleration programs because we understood that they would be great opportunities for our personal and business growth.

For this reason, we decided to seek a prize in our regional startup competition, that we managed to win. Shortly after, we were chosen to have the opportunity to compete in the National Innovation Prize (PNI). Nowadays, we were selected among 200+ startups to participate in the “Bocconi For Innovation” pre-acceleration program, which is one of the best opportunities in Italy for newborn companies.

Even though we are working hard, we are always open to new opportunities. If you want to get in touch with us you can just go here: contacts.

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